A Tradition of Excellence

Since our founding we have strived to bring the highest quality custom leather to our customers and provide not only excellent service, but expert craftsmanship as well.

Our location in "Cowtown" Fort Worth, Texas has allowed us to see firsthand the rigors that boots, shoes, saddles, and leather goes through in a day’s work. We bring decades of expertise into our custom designs and leather tooling, so that the final product meets every criteria of our customer’s requests and can continue to serve their every need for years to come. 

We believe that our leather products have stood the test of time and have been there when it matters most. All of our leather goods are made in house and we personally hand craft each item to ensure that it not only meets our high quality standards, but that it goes above and beyond those standards to last a lifetime. So come check out Texas Boot and Saddlery and we'll promise to satisfy all of your leather needs.  

Meet our Makers

Mark Cato - Cordwainer (Boot and Shoe Maker)

   Mark began leather tooling wallets and other accessories over 30 years ago and his passion for fine leather craftsmanship is still showcased today. His portfolio now contains thousands of hours of elaborate boot and saddle designs and extensive boot repair experience. He truly makes one of a kind, high quality products by hand and continues to make his leather designs the staple of his business. 


Karl Mott – Custom Leather Crafter

   Karl and his leather craftsmanship are truly one of a kind. He hand makes all of his elaborate designs without the use of his sight and has not been able to see the unbelievable artisanship that goes into every one of his pieces. Karl became blind due to diabetes almost 20 years ago, but that certainly did not stop him from living an extraordinary life.
He began hand tooling leather and eventually, through practice and patience, honed his skills to become one of the finest custom leather crafters in Texas.  


Jesus Chavez - Master Saddler

    Jesus brings almost 40 years of saddle making and crafting experience to our shop. He began working for his father as a child and then progressed through a variety of prestigious saddle shops throughout Mexico. Jesus’ work is a true testament to the skill and precision required to construct not only stylish riding equipment, but rugged, durable, and comfortable saddles as well. His decades of experience are without a doubt evident in every saddle he makes and his attention to detail has allowed him to create some of the most complex and intricate saddles in the South.

Don Stewart – Cobbler (Boot and Shoe Repair)

    Don is the go-to guy for any shoe related repair. With over 50 years’ experience as a cobbler he has seen every issue imaginable. He got his start in boot and shoe repair working for his parents at their shop in Hereford, Texas, and has not stopped since. Don brings some of the most knowledge and expertise to the table and is always looking to bring old worn out boots and shoes back to life. So if you are ever in need to fix, shine, or repair boots and shoes, Don is certainly the most qualified man in Texas for the job.

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